Thursday, August 6, 2009

Extreme Engineering Complete Season 4 - Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel - Extreme Engineering Complete Season 4

4×26 Super Stadium University of Phoenix Stadium
4×27 Mega Tunnel Storm Management And Road Tunnel (SMART) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4×28 Biggest Warship USS George H. W. Bush (CVN-77)
4×29 Sakhalin Oil; Ice Sakhalin-II
4×30 Big Easy Rebuild Reconstruction of New Orleans
4×31 Space Tower Madrid’s Torre Espacio


4×26 Super Stadium University of Phoenix Stadium

mirror (interchangeable)

4×27 Mega Tunnel Storm Management

mirror (interchangeable)

4×28 Biggest Warship USS George H. W. Bush

4×29 Sakhalin Oil; Ice Sakhalin-II

4×30 Big Easy Rebuild Reconstruction of New Orleans

mirror (interchangeable)

4×31 Space Tower Madrid’s Torre Espacio

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Extreme Engineering Complete Season 3 - Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel - Extreme Engineering Complete Season 3

Download Links:

Ep. 1 : The Snohvit Artic Gas Processing Platform

Ep. 2 : The El Cajun Dam

Ep.3 : Hong Kong Cable Car

Ep.4 : Woodrow Wilson Bridge

Ep.5 : Gotthard Tunnel

Ep.6 : Dubais Ski Resort

Extreme Engineering Complete Season 2 - Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel – Extreme Engineering [Season 2]

Download Links:
Episode 1: Turning Torso

Episode 2: Venice Flood Gates

Episode 3: Container Ships

Episode 4: Oakland Bay Bridge

Episode 5: Iceland Tunnels

Episode 6: Offshore Oil Platforms

Episode 7: Cooper River Bridge

Episode 8: Millau Viaduct

Episode 9: Excavator

Bird's Nest - Herzog & de Meuron in China

Bird's Nest - Herzog & de Meuron in China

Superstar architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron must negotiate between two cultures, two architectural traditions, and two political systems to build the new National Stadium for the Olympics in Beijing. Bird’s Nest, available exclusively via Amazon Unbox.

Starring: Pierre De Meuron, Jacques Herzog
Supporting actors: Uli Sigg, Ai Weiwei
Directed by: Christoph Schaub, Michael Schindhelm
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 1 hour 29 minutes
Studio: Icarus Films

Download links

Password: gfxgfx

Extreme Engineering Season 1 - Discovery

Discovery Channel – Extreme Engineering [Season 1]
english | 10 ep. & Download links

Ep.1 Tokyo's sky city

Ep.2 Subways in America

Ep.3 Transatlantic Tunnel

Ep.4 City in a Pyramid

Ep.5 Bridging the Bering Strait

Ep.6 Tunneling under the Alps

Ep.7 Building Hong Kong's airport

Ep.8 Holland's barriers to the sea

Ep.9 Boston's big dig

Ep.10 Widening the Panama canal

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Extreme Engineering Season 6 - Discovery | Build It Bigger

Discovery Channel – Extreme Engineering [Season 6] aka Build It Bigger

Extreme Engineering is a documentary television series aired on the Discovery Channel and The Science Channel which features futuristic and ongoing engineering projects. As of 2007, the show aired its sixth season. The show has been hosted by Danny Forster since season 4. The show was renamed Build It Bigger in the US but retains its name when broadcast in Europe.

Go inside one of the most difficult and dangerous tunneling projects in the world. Outside Los Angeles, Danny heads underground with the team attempting to dig two huge tunnels that will supply freshwater to Southern California. Burrowing 1,000 feet under a mountain range, the project has faced cave-ins and floods — not to mention being prone to earthquakes as it's being constructed along the San Andreas Fault.
Danny Forster's been on job sites all over the world. He's smart as a whip and he's great at figuring out and explaining how the toughest jobs in the world get done. Now Danny goes to construction boot camp. For one week, Danny's going to get a crash course in everything from heavy equipment operation to how to use a shovel. Under the skeptical eye of guys who know what it's like to take a green kid, break him down and then build him up again, Danny will gain a new appreciation for the sheer skill and persistence it takes to master the building trades.

Ep 3 (EE40) WORLD'S TALLEST SKYSCRAPER | Kohn Pedersen Fox
Soon to be the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Shanghai World Financial Center now stands 77 stories tall — and it's growing a floor a week. But the job of building this monster is incredibly tough. Besides a near crippling fear of heights, Danny has to contend with the onset of frigid winter winds born on an approaching typhoon — all while hanging on the outside of the skyscraper, 1,000 feet in the air.

At Kentucky's Fort Knox Armor Center, Danny gets behind the wheel of the U.S. Army's most potent land weapon: the $5 million M1 Abrams tank. He also visits the Anniston Army Depot in Alabama, where in just 55 days a battleworn Abrams can be made good as new. Find out if Danny has what it takes to become a tanker — the special breed of soldier that operates this 70-ton machine.

Buckle up with Danny Forster as he takes us on a wild ride into the realm of roller-coaster construction. He meets with engineers who create every exacting detail and goes on site to lend a hand in building world-class coasters.

Ep 6 (EE43) City of Culture, Spain | Peter Eisenman
On a small hill overlooking Santiago de Compostela, the site of a famous medieval pilgimage destination, a complex of buildings is taking shape using the lastest 21st technology. Due to open in 2012, The City of Culture will have taken ten years to build, at a cost of half a billion dollars. Renowned architect Peter EIsenman designed each buidling to blend the area's medieval roots with the futurist constructions taking shape. He did this by mapping the five main pilgrimage roads that lead to the old cathedral, moved this series of grid lines to the top of the mountain and merged their layout with the topography of the hilltop. By employing the same local stone and masonry techniques used in medieval times, Eisenman has embedded the genetic code of the old city within his modern design.

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Ep 6 (EE43) City of Culture, Spain | Peter Eisenman

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Urban Geography: A Global Perspective

Urban Geography: A Global Perspective

ISBN: 0415462029 | PDF | 745 pages | 50 MB rar, 104 MB pdf | english

Today, for the first time in the history of humankind urban dwellers outnumber rural residents. Urban places, towns and cities, are of fundamental importance - for the distribution of population within countries; in the organisation of economic production, distribution and exchange; in the structuring of social reproduction and cultural life; and in the allocation and exercise of power. Furthermore, in the course of the present century the number of urban dwellers and level of global urbanisation are destined to increase. Even those living beyond the administrative or functional boundaries of a town or city will have their lifestyle influenced to some degree by a nearby, or even distant, city. The analysis of towns and cities is a central element of all social sciences including geography, which offers a particular perspective on and insight into the urban condition. The principal goal of this third edition of the book remains that of providing instructors and students of the contemporary city with a comprehensive introduction to the expanding field of urban studies. The structure of the first two editions is maintained, with minor amendments. Each of the thirty chapters has been revised to incorporate recent developments in the field. All of the popular study aids are retained; the glossary has been expanded; and chapter references and notes updated to reflect the latest research. This third edition also provides new and expanded discussion of key themes and debates including detailed consideration of metacities, boomburgs, public space, urban sprawl, balanced communities, urban economic restructuring, poverty and financial exclusion, the right to the city, urban policy, reverse migration, and traffic and transport problems. The book is divided into six main parts. Part one outlines the field of urban geography and explains the importance of a global perspective. Part two explores the growth of cities from the earliest times to the present day and examines the urban geography of the major world regions. Part three considers the dynamics of urban structure and land use change in Western cities. Part four focuses on economy, society and politics in the Western city. In part five attention turns to the urban geography of the Third World, where many of the countries experiencing highest rates or urban growth are least well equipped to respond to the economic, social, political and environmental challenge. Finally part six affords a prospective on the future of cities and cities of the future. New to this edition include: further readings based on the latest research; updated data and statistics; an expanded glossary; new key concepts; additional study questions; and, a listing of useful websites. The book provides a comprehensive interpretation of the urban geography of the contemporary world. It is written in a clear and readable style, lavishly illustrated with more than 80 photographs, 180 figures, 100 tables and over 200 boxed studies and with a plethora of study aids. Urban Geography: A Global Perspective represents the ultimate resource for students of urban geography.

This book surveys major ideas in comparative Urban Geography. It is not a fun read, but it is chock full of useful information presented in text, chart and table forms. For those of us studying international relations or geography it is a useful resource with information that can undergird our research and writing in any number of areas that deal with cities throughout the world.

Download link


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